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About VR World Jamaica

VR World is Jamaica's first virtual reality simulator lounge. We present exciting and entertaining attractions for guests of all ages to enjoy. We believe that everyone enjoys having fun and bringing out their inner-child, which is why we provide a variety of entertainment options that are guaranteed to keep guests of all ages happy and smiling. Our main priority at VR World is to make sure you, your friends, family, neighbors,  classmates or your colleagues have an enjoyable and memorable experience with us. 


Who hasn’t heard of Virtual Reality?

What used to be a mere fantasy has now transformed into one of the biggest technological innovations. Virtual Reality (VR) is a booming market, with renowned companies such as Facebook, HTC and Intel among the biggest investors. The VR market is forecasted to double every year in the next 3-year period.


Wearing a VR Headset can teleport you to a completely new world or give you an experience you can only dream of undergoing in real life. While sets of equipment are already commercially available for the early adopters of the technology, it has been seeing some resistance to wider adoption mainly because of two reasons: lack of accessibility and an expensive price.


This is where VR Worlds services lie. Our aim is to bring VR closer to the Jamaican public, by making it more accessible, both physically and financially. VR World proposes to provide this through a social space where people can experience VR together starting in Kingston at 30 Dunrobin Avenue, Kingston 10 with plans to open other in Portland, Mandeville, St. Ann and Montego Bay.

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