VR World Jamaica

VR Racing Moto

VR Racing Moto is customized with exciting motor racing content. It comes with environment special effects including wind-blowing, hip vibration and stereo sound and is also designed with an electric crank system for vivid motor maneuver mimic

Dark Mars Simulator

VR Dark Mars can immerse themselves into a variety of environments, as if through the door of the door, directly into another never been to the world, enjoy the site-like shocking entertainment experience, such as the virtual roller coaster, simulation flight, space roaming, Jurassic adventure, this top quality simulator is a machine born for comprehensive and immersive VR experience.


Hunting Bar Simulator

Animal-hunting is one of man's most ancient activities/ If you want to become an ACE hunter then come and try the hunting bar, you can have a happy hunting without putting yourself in real jungles and forests.


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